SBCollectibles Membership Perks

Welcome to SBCollectibles Twitch & Store Member Goals! Below is a list of incentives, quest and bonuses for being apart of our community and buying from our online live breaks shop!

We highly suggest joining our community discord where we will be doing special giveaways and perks!

The Life Time Purchase Goals are being re-configured for June. Those who hit goals can expect some amazing goodies! <3


    1. $1,000 - TBA
    2. $2,500 - TBA
    3. $5,000 - TBA
    4. $10,000 - TBA
    5. $25,000+ - TBA

    Live Break Bonuses (Any Stream Day)

    1. If you pull a holo zard = Free Pack (Bella Chooses)
    2. If you have a rough break (bad rng) = Bonus Cards or Free Packs, we will always make sure you leave with a good break!
    3. If a customer buys a large order ($100+) = Free Pack or Bonus (Bella Chooses) - CLOSED FOR NOW

    Saturday Live Break Bonus (Saturdays Only)

    1. These goals will be listed for each Saturday Stream!

    Subscriber Goals - Giveaways

    1. We are coming out with monthly Sub Goals. These prizes will be given out after the Monthly Giveaway.

    Monthly Giveaways

    1. Each month will feature a new monthly giveaway that will be done during a live stream at the start of every month (For the month before)
    Zard Counter Quest
    1. 100 Zards pulled total = Vintage Pack Giveaway - COMPLETED
    2. 500 Zards pulled total = 1st Edition Vintage Pack Giveaway!